IJHATT Episode #278

Leveling Up in Boys Town

“It’s so hard talking to this many boys now that I’ve leveled up.”

This episode is all boys yelling. Enjoy.

IJHATT Episode #277

Ryan's Magic Fire-Dick

“You broke the necks of ten baby cows?”

IJHATT Episode #276

Keep Soap In Your Hearts

“ISIS will never defeat the gaming alliance of the world and also wolves are not gay.”

I don’t think I’ll ever learn not to drink and pod.

IJHATT Episode #275

Truck Month

“Sensei, I’m goin’ to the shitter!”

Kyle and Krafty Matt talk Gates, but Matt has to leave to sell trucks. Flenis makes his triumphant return to the show. More Gates get talked about, including a shirt one. Bames joins the party and everything goes rainsticks.

IJHATT Episode #274


“Remember when I sent you all those pictures of ducks?”

Bames and Em are here, but Bames ducks out early for waffles or something. A little bit of GamerGate, a little bit of spiderbutts, and somehow we barely managed to talk about Em’s vagina at all!

IJHATT Episode #273

The One Where Sean Makes an Ass of Himself

“If you didn’t want to talk about it you shouldn’t have started fucking talking about it.”

Kyle and Bames talk #GamerGate and the latest episode of Alpha Counter.

IJHATT Episode #272

Hashtag GamerGate

“Niggas in my butthole.”

Kyle and Bames talk #GamerGate and the Kill La Kill special.

IJHATT Episode #271

Shark Fight Fuck Fest

“Everyone in podcasting should die.”

Blow Goats.

IJHATT Episode #270

Four Twenty Dot Moe

“I think we’ve established that things you think are cool are rainsticks.”

Show Boats

IJHATT Episode #269

Big On the Pig

“Why would I want Casey Kasem’s Body?”

Show Notes.